Book Access - "The Gift of Understanding" Ch. 10 of "Virtue Stands in the Middle" Dr. Gustafson

Chapter 10

Dr. Christopher Gustafson, STD is a Catholic theologian in the United States. GPQ did an interview with him in January of 2022 on his upcoming book, Virtue Stands in the Middle, which you can access here. He has graciously offered to share parts of his upcoming book on virtue. The work not only delves in Catholic tradition and teaching on virtue and vice, but offers access to many images of the symbolism and iconographic tradition of the Seven Lady Virtues. Below is access to chapter ten. 

"We have seen how faith enables one to believe in God and all that He has revealed. The gift of understanding enables one to grasp these divine mysteries – to understand them. St. Anselm’s famous adage, “faith seeking understanding” is assisted by means of this gift. Understanding enables one to comprehend truths of the faith (summarized by the creed). One is never able to completely grasp the mysteries of God, but this gift enables one to penetrate their meaning in a deeper manner. The gift of understanding enables one to enter into these mysteries and examine them from within, as it were. Some examples of these truths of faith would be the Incarnation (Christ becoming man), the Resurrection (Christ rising from the dead) or the Ascension of Jesus (Christ ascending into heaven). One is also able to penetrate other truths related to achieving heaven – for example, the mystery of death or the shortness of life. The gift of understanding gives the human mind the light to truly grasp the meaning or significance of a truth of faith."