"Hi, I'm Atom" - A Satirical Poem of Materialism Based on "Money is King" from the Carmina Burana

This is funny poem that I came up with to make a point about the absurdity of the claims of the Materialist worldview. The structure of the poem is based off one taken from the Medieval collection "Carmina Burana" entitled Money Is King

Hi, I’m Atom.

Atoms are all there are,
atoms are all there were,
atoms are all there ever will be,
and here’s proof:

I saw atoms create themselves from nothing.
I saw atoms make friends and turn into planets. “Hello there!”
Atoms are so well behaved they agreed to a set of laws. “Sign here please.”
Atoms were even making water!

But then Atoms got bored and decided to start living.
I saw atoms choose their fur color.
Some atoms chose scales and some feathers.
Atoms populated the world with lots of friends. “Nice to meet you!”

Then atoms began to think and father Atom was born.
Atoms sat around and contemplated their own existence.
Atoms love art, especially water colors.
Then atoms decided to write a book about themselves,
Atoms enjoy autobiographies, “My name is Atom!”

Curiosity set in and atoms began to explore and communicate around the world.
Atoms would dial their friend’s phone numbers.
“This is Atom, please leave a message!”
Atoms fell in love and made wedding vows.
Don’t lady atoms look good in white?

Finally atoms, after an infinity of days, went for a coffee and rested.
It was there I overheard atoms say...
“I can’t believe there are other atoms that believe in fairy tales”.